Why SMART Speech?



As fully qualified speech therapists and members of Speech Pathology Australia, we are specialised in supporting individuals with communication difficulties to the best of our ability. As a team, we have several areas of special interest such as social skills, early intervention, selective mutism, literacy, speech sound disorders and more!



Our therapy sessions are memorable in that they are dynamic, engaging and of high quality. We love how we also become a memory in people’s lives as they think back to their individual communication journeys and how we helped to facilitate the successful lives that they now lead.



As experienced therapists, we understand that all individuals are different and have varying needs during assessment and therapy. We adapt our sessions to enable those with challenging behaviours, high anxiety or any other challenges to not only participate but gain something along the way.



We understand how busy your lives get and don’t want to add any work or pressure to that, so we make sure to relate strategies, techniques and homework to your everyday lives. This makes it easy to apply these follow-up tasks in between sessions when you’re on the go and during regular routines.



Our strong team regularly meets and problem-solves together to ensure that we are consistently providing our best to our clients. We enjoy sharing professional development, resources, experiences and ideas to build our knowledge and expertise. This translates into a top-notch service for our clients!