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We offer comprehensive, age-appropriate assessments which is an important first step in understanding your child’s current ability, strengths, needs and goals. This may also involve school observations to provide a holistic approach for your child’s development. We will provide a written report including your child’s results, strategies and intervention recommendations.


Therapy sessions are tailored to your child’s needs and may include play-based games or activities aligned with their interests. We work collaboratively with families and teachers, and provide strategies to practice at home and/or school. Sessions are usually 45 minutes in length and offered weekly. In addition to individual sessions in or outside of the clinic, we offer weekly paired and group therapy sessions. For those wanting to continue the fun in the school holidays, we also offer intensive social interaction holiday programs. The length of therapy is different for each individual, as this depends on many variables including their response to therapy, frequency of attendance, follow-up strategies completed at home/school and much more!

Smart Speech Therapy | Services

In-clinic individual and group sessions

Telehealth sessions

Preschool & school visits

Home visits

Workshops and Screenings

Smart Speech Therapy | Services

Our workshops are designed for teachers and educators about how to support social interaction skills in the classroom. We present evidence-based strategies and concepts to help manage challenging behaviours and those who struggle with emotional regulation.
We also run cost-effective and efficient screening programs, available both in preschool and school settings. This allows parents to determine whether their child could benefit from speech therapy.

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