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We offer assessment and therapy for the following areas:

  • Social Skills
  • Expressive and Receptive Language
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Literacy
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Language (e.g. creative writing)
  • Speech (e.g. Speaking more clearly, help with specific speech sounds, remediation of phonological processes)
  • Fluency (e.g. Stuttering)
  • Auditory Processing
  • Selective Mutism

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Smart Speech Therapy

Welcome to Smart Speech Therapy

Each of our clients has the potential to reach their own level of ‘smarts’. There are many areas of smarts including speech smarts, social smarts, understanding smarts, literacy smarts, fluency smarts and more!

Our goal is to support them to reach their ultimate smarts level in their individual areas of need. By strengthening their smarts, individuals are able to communicate effectively and as a result, create more meaningful connections with others which builds their self-esteem and ability to achieve their fullest potential.

With almost 10 years of experience, Jessica Singer is the Principal Speech Therapist who leads a highly skilled team based in Edgecliff, NSW.

Our Services


We offer comprehensive, age-appropriate assessments which is an important first step in understanding your child’s current ability, strengths, needs and goals. This may also involve school observations to provide a holistic approach for your child’s development. We will provide a written report including child’s results, strategies and intervention recommendations.


Therapy sessions are tailored to your child’s needs and may include play-based games or activities aligned with their interests. We work collaboratively with families and teachers, and provide strategies to practice at home and/or school. Sessions are usually 45 minutes in length and offered weekly.

If this sounds like your child or a child you are teaching, treating or caring for:

  • Falling behind at school
  • Hard to understand
  • Not talking as much as you would expect
  • Struggles to understand spoken or written information
  • Difficulty putting words or sentences together when speaking or writing
  • Cannot get their words out
  • Finds it hard to make new friends and maintain friendships

Then don't "wait and see". Contact us and let us assist.


  • S

    Specialised: as fully qualified speech therapists and members of Speech Pathology Australia, we are specialised in supporting individuals with communication difficulties to the best of our ability. As a team, we have several areas of special interest such as social skills, early intervention, selective mutism, literacy, speech sound disorders and more!

  • M

    Memorable: Our therapy sessions are memorable in that they are dynamic, engaging and of high quality. We love how we also become a memory in people’s lives as they think back to their individual communication journeys and how we helped to facilitate the successful lives that they now lead.

  • A

    Adaptable: As experienced therapists, we understand that all individuals are different and have varying needs during assessment and therapy. We adapt our sessions to enable those with challenging behaviours, high anxiety or any other challenges to not only participate but gain something along the way.

  • R

    Relatable: We understand how busy your lives get and don’t want to add any work or pressure to that, so we make sure to relate strategies, techniques and homework to your everyday lives. This makes it easy to apply these follow-up tasks in between sessions when you’re on the go and during regular routines.

  • T

    Top-Notch: Our strong team regularly meets and problem-solves together to ensure that we are consistently providing our best to our clients. We enjoy sharing professional development, resources, experiences and ideas to build our knowledge and expertise. This translates into a top-notch service for our clients!

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Telehealth appointments are also available

0414 012 574

Funding Options

Clients may be able to be reimbursed for some of the costs of private speech pathology services under Medicare, their private health insurance fund, NDIS (plan and self registered clients), or a range of other government or state initiatives.

Private Health Rebates

It is recommended that clients contact their private health insurance provider to find out if they are covered for speech pathology services.

Chronic Disease Management Program

Formerly referred to as Enhanced Primary Care Program. This is written up by your GP. They are responsible for preparing and lodging a GP Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements and they make the referral to a speech pathologist.

Government Programs

We treat self-managed and plan managed NDIS clients. We also see clients under the Helping Children with Autism (HCWA).